Creative Director

Post Ballet: Lyra |Promotional |  Costume / Stylist, Rashad Pridgen

Tremble Staves | Sites Specific Sound Design|  Costume & Regalia,  Rashad Pridgen

deepcreatives  "Water" Dance Film (Creative Director, Editor, Multimedia Producer)

Today at Apple: Record A Video Lab Hosted by Rashad Pridgen

Apple Store Union Square | Creative Director & Conceptual Creator

Ethos de Masquerade

Conceptualized, Choreographed, and Costume Design by Rashad Pridgen

A Masquerade 4 Prince: Escorted By The Alphabet City

(Artistic Director & Costume Design 

LEVI's Pride 2019 (Creative Direction , Talent Organizer)

Rashad Pridgen

 Is a creative director of innovations and eco-systems; from directing creative concepts, artist development, performance styling, site-specific design or producing multimedia production and performance. Rashad's multidisciplinary eye is unique and cutting edge.


He is the conceptual creator of the Global Street Dance Project & Masquerade, a multimedia platform presenting the art of worldwide street dance and Afrofuturist full body masquerade suits, alternative environments. Rashad’s work’s span dance, theater, public practice, multimedia-tech, video, film, fashion and creative project making. Recent works include: Today at Apple, Record A Global Street Dance with Apple Union Square San Francisco.  He is the artistic director of The Black Lives Masquerade short film with national showings at the San Francisco Public Library, Berkeley Art Museum, Duke University and Portland Art Museum. Rashad is the conceptual director and choreographer of Ethos de Masquerade, a theatrical version of the Global Street Dance Masquerade in partnership with Camp Santos and Strand Theater. The masquerade has collaborated with Sadie Barnett’s Eagle Creek Saloon presenting at the SF LAB San Francisco and the Institute Of Contemporary Art Los Angeles. Rashad instructs an extensive curriculum in creative thinking and innovations in multimedia. He is also adjunct faculty with University of San Francisco, and guest lecture with University of Santa Cruz.